Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Walk Noonday Mill

Noonday Track, Forrest, Sunday 6th May, 2012

Walkers: Alan Dow, Doris Denney, Patricia Dressel, Nola Hardess, Bernard Jordan (leader), Bob Lambdell, Joan McMahon, Leanne Matheson, Peter Morgan, Les Roe, Sue Twigg.

Members of GBC, Otway Ranges Walking Track Association, and Camperdown Bushwalking Club joined this walk - Walking the Otways E11. Some participants are members of all 3 clubs!   We started from the junction of Kaanglang road and Noonday track and continued along K road to Number One Spur Track, where we walked west to take Noonday Track, which initially was a steep, and for us, muddy, slippery downhill. From the junction of Noonday and Monday creeks, the track went uphill (of course) until we met the cars.  We did not see the site of Noonday Mill, which closed some 100 years ago, but we enjoyed the walk through the forest.  The cover photo of the third edition of Walking the Otways features a section of the walk. For added value, most of us drove to the nearby carpark for Lake Elizabeth. We  appreciated the walk to the tranquil lake, before returning, and rewarding ourselves with coffee, etc. at the micro brewery/coffee house in Forrest. We enjoyed the misty day.

Bernard Jordan