Saturday, June 7, 2014

Walk Report; 2nd March 2014

Walkers; Bernard Jordan (leader), Alan Dow, Patricia Dressel, Biba Horvatic, Victoria Howlett, Stephen Johnstone, Wally Krafft, Irene McGinnigle, Julie Mirtschin, Dev Pathy, Sureth Pathy, Sue Twigg, members of GBC, ORWTA and visitors.

We left a car at Jamieson Creek and departed from Cumberland River Reserve along 4WD Cumberland Track, which runs generally westwards along a ridge including Mount Defiance, alas no views. This and other tracks are currently being extensively widened for fire fighting purposes.we turned left at Curtis "Road" and shortly after, left again at Wye River Road. From here we followed another ridge, taking the left turn to Jamieson Track, which runs "basically" downhill to the Great Ocean Road at Jamieson Creek. The tracks have some steep sections, where walking poles would be necessary in muddy, slippery circumstances. The forests are attractive when you look past the current destruction. Thanks for the good company!

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan