Monday, April 23, 2012

Walk Report
Sunday April 1 dawned fine, overcast, perfect weather for waterfall
photography. 10 adventurous souls met their leader at the Mt Sabine/ Kennett
Rd intersection at about the appointed time of 10 am, for the somewhat
challenging walk to Wye Falls. The car shuffle was completed earlier so we
could walk out to the Wye Road via Mud Rd, rather than retrace our steps.
I had not been to the area for several years and was taken aback to find
that a bulldozer had been down both sides and removed all that was familiar
to me. I had to take a punt on where to start looking for the track to the
falls. We started out on an old logging track that seemed to be in the right
spot, but nothing looked familiar. After several hours of poking around I
gave up the search as even if we found it we were out of time to do the
The moral of the story is we need to be doing each section of the walk on a
more regular basis, and leaders need to scope the walk if it hasn't been
done for a long period.
I later found the start point a kilometre away, but too late to be useful.
The other moral of the story might be never lead a walk on April Fools Day!

Richard Gilbert

PS: Some of the group decided then to walk from where we started along the Kennett Rd and the Wye Kennett Jeep Track past some recent burn offs and along steep gravel roads to the Wye River Pub for a well earnt drink!

Apollo Bay Trails Feasibility Study Adopted

Eight members attended the Colac Otway Shire Council meeting on the 28th of March 2012 at the COPAC in Colac. The Apollo Bay Trails Feasibility Study was passed unanimously 7 - 0. After sixteen years of persistence we finally have taken our first step. Now we will continue to work with the Colac Otway Shire and Parks Victoria to gain funding for walks in the Apollo Bay hinterland.