Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walk Report
Highview Scenic Walk                                                                                                    
10th November 2013

Walkers: Sue McKenzie (leader), Nola Hardess, Sue Twigg, Andrew Hackett, Les Roe.

The weather was fine with a cool eastly wind as we left the Apollo Bay Visitor Centre at 1:30pm. We headed up Tuxion and Old Tuxion Rd, where we stopped a few times to admire the view, and catch our breath! (There are a few steep sections!)
After Crowes Nest, the track down the hill was a bit slippery. The GPS guided us through the farmland with precision. A banana break was taken just off the ridge above the Walters’ place overlooking the Barham valley where we consulted maps to check how close the Wild Dog and Barham Rivers are to each other.

The sun came out to show off the spectacular vistas from Cape Patton to past Marengo. Thanks go to the farmers who allowed us through their properties. We walked down past McKenzie’s where we met up with a follow member, Val Flitton, who was also admiring the view. The Apollo Bay Hotel was finally reached at 5pm, just in time for our meeting. It was one of our easier, panoramic walks.
Wreck Beach to Twelve Apostle, final section of the Great Ocean Walk, 17 km, 
Saturday, 9th November, 2013

Walkers: Bernard Jordan (leader),Biba Horvatic, Wally Kraft, Alan Dow, Helen Steogen, Sue McKenzie (ORWTA) and Nick Steogen (visitor).
It was drizzling rain as we descended the 366 steps onto Wreck Beach. With us was an inspiring French couple, one of whom was blind, but both very determined on walking the entire GOW and the final section that day. Along the beach embedded in the reef is the anchor from the Marie Gabrielle, a French barque wrecked in 1869; a short distance further is the anchor from the Fiji, an 1891 wreck. After 2 km of beach walking with some rock scrambling we made our way up to Devils Kitchen and then wound our way around the coastline with wonderful views through the bush.
Lunch was taken in sunshine with a lovely view of the Gellibrand River entering the ocean. It was then down to the river that we followed to Princetown and, after crossing the bridge, it was uphill again along the new section of the GOW, passing Clifton Beach, followed by our first views of the Apostles in the distance.
With the end in sight, it was just a few more km to the Gibson Steps, that lead down onto the beach, and onto the new section under the Great Ocean Road to the end at the Visitors Centre, completing a great walk in great company. With a coffee in hand we joined the tourists for a viewing of those famous and spectacular 12 Apostles.
Our thanks to Helen and Bernard for the excellent organisation and leading of this weekend walk which included all transport and accommodation with meals.

Friday, October 25, 2013

October Walk

Kennett River Rd to Grey River Rd
6th October 2013
Walkers:     Sue Trigg (ORWTA), Jenny Brice, Chris Barr (Camperdown), Joan McMahon, Kim Attard, Bernard Jordan (leader) (GBC) 

We set up a car shuffle with the end point 11.3 km along the Grey River road from the Kennett River Store. Another car was left at the gate on Ridge Road (off the Great Ocean Road). The track joined Kennett road, and we continued on a further 3 km or so to meet the Kennett Wye jeep track. We continued on a further 1.5 km to the junction with the track down (west) to Kennett River, but missed it! After a while we turned back and found it. There is an opening in the bush, a log on the ground, and now several ribbons. The track is an old logging track. We crossed the river - about 30 cm deep - and walked some 15 m along the bank upstream to the track - bikie erosion obvious - up to a sharp bend on Coopers No 2 track/road. My notes said the route to Grey River commenced within 5 minutes of this junction, heading south, but we missed it! (Two strikes!)
We walked on to the end of Coopers No 2 road at the Grey River road. Bernard volunteered to walk some 5 km along Grey River road to retrieve a car. Shortly, 2 gorgeous French girls gave Bernard a lift. On return, I found a gallant French(?) Canadian man waiting in the drizzle for the girls to return. Soon sorted. 

We were surprised to find Alan Dow, Sue McKenzie and Les Roe discussing ORWTA affairs at the Wye River pub, so we joined them for coffee before returning from our adventures.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

 8th September 2013

A lovely day brought nine people together to walk to the Wild Dog Falls in memory of our past president, Les Noseda.
Joining us were Andrew Noseda (Les’s son), and the co-authors of “250 Waterfalls of Victoria”, Ray Barber and Ian Wacey.  Their book contains a photo and description of Wild Dog Falls taken when Les guided Ray and Ian to the falls a few years ago. 
The track was generally in good condition, sections had been cleared and re-taped, we encountered some recently fallen trees and branches but everyone enjoyed the variety and beauty of this walk. 
We visited Sharpes No. 3 mill site on our way, had lunch on the rocks below the falls, climbed back up the steps and made a short detour to the ‘Jack Phillips Cascades’ above the falls.
 Wild Dog Creek was flowing strongly after the heavy rains over August which made the falls quite spectacular.
It was a pleasure to share memories and anecdotes of walking with Les – a man always striding ahead in gumboots; a true visionary and inspiration in developing and promoting the Trans Otway Waterfall Walk over many years. 
Walk started:  9.50am - Finished:  2.45pm

Nola Hardess

Falls behind Lorne,  
Sunday 4th August, 2013

Walkers:   Bernard Jordan ( Leader), Joan  McMahon, Viv Pascoe (GBC), Jack Antonas, Andrew Hackett (ORWTA), Chris Barr, Bev and Kevin Duffin, Jenny Grice, Murray Kelson (Camperdown).

 Despite the foul weather forecast , it was fine, briefly sunny(!), and then drizzle for the last hour. The rain beforehand ensued there was more water over the several falls than I had ever seen. We started from Allenvale Mill Site and walked  alongside the swollen Saint George River, then up to Phantom falls in full splendour. Then to the Canyon, always a treat for first timers, to Henderson falls, via the old tramway tracks to Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls ,(the former falls where one can get behind the water), then along Garvey Track to the track towards Castle Rock. The drizzle now discouraged us from going to the lookout, so we went down (Going Down !) to Sheoak Falls and ended nearby.  An honest day’s walk in good company. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

ORWTA Lorne Walk
Sunday 7th of July 2013
Attendees:         Daphne Sands (leader),  Alicia Cognian, Alan Dow, Sue McKenzie, Jack Antonas, Peter Morgan, Geoff James, Lesley James, Maggie Bolton, Andrew Hackett, Michael Stitt, Patricia Dressel.
After a few days of wet and windy weather, a glorious sunny day greeted us in Lorne. Twelve walkers began at Teddy’s Lookout at about 9:45am, with spectacular vistas of the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. We proceeded down the hill to the picturesque St George’s River, where we observed many birds, including a great cormorant drying its wings.  After turning right up Cherry Tree Creek, we walked till we met the Allenvale Road and then headed up Green Break Track, where we had a banana break.
Next we turned left along Henderson Track, over the Cora Lynn Creek to the Allen Dam and on to Phantom Falls. The falls were working well due to the recent rain, so many photos were taken. We then walked alongside St George’s River again, passed through the orchard, and back across the Allenvale Road.
The lunch stop was at Allen Mill Camp Ground, where we found a sunny clearing with logs to sit on. After lunch we headed back down along the St George’s River to the Great Ocean Road observing more waterbirds.
Then we proceeded left along the route of the old tramway track above the Great Ocean Road with more spectacular views of the huge swell rolling in. When we reached Hind St, we turned left up the tarmac road, left into Queens Park Caravan Park, then right up the steps to Charles Street. We headed through the trees of Queens Park uphill arriving back to Teddy’s Lookout at 2:45pm, after a wonderful diverse walk which included views of the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, bush and a reservoir.
Thanks Daphne.

Report by Sue McKenzie.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moonlight Heads Walk, Sunday 9th June, 2013.

Walkers:  Alan Dow (Trip Leader), Bernard Jordan, Nola Hardess, Sue McKenzie, Kim Attard, Leane Matheson, Linda Boyd, Gary Higgins, Joan McMahon, Jenny Grice, Jenny ?. (GBC, ORWTA & Camperdown Clubs were represented.)

To mix it up occasionally, ORWTA do a walk, different to the forays into the rainforest along the Trans Otway Walk.  The mild winter conditions continued as it was a great day for walking.  After a short car shuffle, the group of 11 set off south along Parker Access to the first of several amazing vistas.  From the Moonlight Heads escarpment, you can see below to the rocky beach & ‘Submarine Rock’ and also as far away as Cape Otway.  We then followed the Great Ocean Walk through the coastal forest until we came upon the next equally great lookout, that of the Gables, a deserved spot for our ‘banana break’.  Still heading west, and at one place siding where the old Moonlight Heads racecourse was, we came upon the new section of the GOW that reaches the Devil’s Kitchen walk-in campsite.  While some of our group had to experience the ‘loo with the view’, the rest continued on to descend towards the beach. Some had lunch on the seats made from rocks, with a great elevated view of the beach, while others chose to have it at the beach.

It was after our break when things got exciting, although not high tide we had a big sea running.  Heading east now, we had to negotiate the entirety of Wreck Beach, which just meant moving quickly in between the high points.  At some point, most got wet up to their knees. A certain confident trip leader hadn’t even got his boots wet, until at the very last spot he also suffered the same fate as the others; much to their amusement.  The conditions were not that you could have strolled along Wreck Beach and enjoyed seeing the anchors from two shipwrecks, the vast array of different rocks & pebbles and the beautiful rock pools.  However, we were able to experience one of ‘mother natures’ moods.

Then up the wooden staircase, with most that counted being only 2 or 3 steps away from my benchmark of 374, except for Bernard who seemed to have found a lot more.  The next already-walked section was the ‘crossover’ of our intended figure-8 walk. Here we met a group that had seen two snakes today; even the snakes don’t think it’s a normal winter.  From the Gables carpark, we walked north along the Moonlight Heads road to the Old Coach Road, where one of the cars was left.  It was here that the Geelong folk left us.  The rest of us continued along this rural lane, completing the figure-8 arriving at the car at 5 pm. 

At Lavers Hill, the GBC folk got take-away coffees from the PO / CafĂ© while the others sat in for our coffees at the Roadhouse / Tavern.                     
Thankyou to all who participated in this 7 hr wildly wonderful winter walk !!

The 'Allambee Beek' Walk Report - Sunday 5/05/2013

Walkers: Jennifer Morrow (leader, standing in for an unwell Richard Gilbert), Carole Gowty, Chris Barr, Jenny Grice, Murray Kelson, Gary Higgins, Richard Morrow.
There was a problem at the start when two cars from Geelong did not arrive and there was no telephone reception so no communication. The group waited for twenty-five minutes before commencing the walk.  (Unable to locate the starting point, the Geelong walkers walked to Lake Elizabeth.)
A small group of seven walkers set off down Curtis Track. The track was well marked with no navigational problems to the lovely Allambee Beek Falls where morning tea was enjoyed, then on to Staircase Falls for lunch. In the dry conditions it was lovely to see water, even though the volume was well down. It was a lovely walk on a lovely day with a good group of enthusiastic walkers.

Jennifer Morrow.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Dog Falls Walk - April 7th 2013

Wild Dog Falls Walk  ~  Sunday April 7th, 2013.

Walkers:- Alan Dow (leader), Sue McKenzie, Andrew Hackett, Gabriel Fuller, Bernard Jordan, Les Rowe, Jack Antonas, Judy Newman, Murray Kelson, Jenny Grice, Elizabeth Anderson, Carole Gowty, Garry Higgins, Sue Twigg, Pauline Johnson, Joan McMahon, Julia McKeag and Christine Barr.

Walkers from Otway RangesGeelong, Camperdown and Bayside Clubs assembled at Haines Junction ready to embark on a challenging day in the Otway bush.  The group of 18 consisted of those with many years experience through to those new to walking in the cool temperate rainforest. The day was rather pleasant for walking; and although warm, leeches were still present and the odd Otway Black Snail.  It wasn’t long before we were on the old logging track with its wide bends as it zig zagged it’s our way down to Tea House Creek Junction, where this small creek meets the Wild Dog Creek. The track was quite negotiable, taking about two hours to arrive at our long awaited morning tea stop amongst the tall ferns.
The next leg slowed us down somewhat as we made our way along the beautiful ferny glades of the Wild Dog Creek. We noticed that the August flood had cleared away most of the stinging nettles and wire grass from the water course itself.  Soon after reaching Jack Phillip’s Cascade, we negotiated our way up from the creek before descending to the base of Wild Dog Falls for a very much deserved lunch. With the long dry period the Otways have experienced this year, the falls were certainly not at their best, but still beautiful and well worth the effort in reaching them. As the day was getting on, we started the long uphill path along the ridge line to where the start of the old logging tramway. Here one could imagine the huge logs being hauled out of the valley long ago. Half way along this, we took a breather and drinks stop before finally reaching Sharps No. 3 Mill site where the old boiler had been left rusting away.
Soon we reached Wild Dog Track where we turned downhill for the final stroll to reach the carpark on Turtons Track. All emerged from the bush tired and dirty but challenged and thoroughly satisfied by our experience in a remote area of the Otways. Due to daylight savings having ended today, there was not much daylight left. A vehicle was waiting for the ferrying of walkers back to Haines Junction.
 Alan Dow.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sabine Grand Circuit Walk Report March 2013

Sabine Grand Circuit

Walk report;
Attendees:   Bernard Jordan, Leanne Matheson, Daniel Thurairatnam, Jodie Jaeschke, Laura Lorrico, Roger Blake, Liz Bashford, Andrew Hackett, Les Roe, Sue Twigg and Jennifer Morrow.

Eleven walkers from Geelong, Deans Marsh, Apollo Bay Forrest and Bambra set off in perfect conditions; warm, still and dry.
The circuit was well marked there was evidence of clearing work having been done down the slope to the small Falls at the top of the Mt Sabine Falls and was much improved from when last walked.
Lunch was enjoyed after an easy stroll along the creek bed at the base of the Gorge Falls. It was just so lovely to see water....a very sparse commodity, at this time. For some [well for one], the icy cool water in a large water hole was too much too ignore, and a refreshing dip was much enjoyed.
A wonderful walk gorgeous day and good company....what more could you want?
Jennifer Morrow

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wild Dog Ridge Track - February 2013

Walk Report, Wild Dog Track, Sunday 3/2/2013
16 walkers met at Haines Junction and travelled 5 km by car along along Turton's Track to the starting point for the walk, from where they departed at 10:30.
The day was cool with low cloud in the valleys and some light showers.
The route was mostly well ribboned and followed a narrow ridge between the Wild Dog Creek and East Barham River. The walk proceeded at a brisk pace, with little fallen timber or undergrowth to slow progress. There was, however, a brief delay caused by a large and well-nourished tiger snake.
Many birds were heard, if not seen, and many ripe berries were found and eaten.
At 3:00 the walkers emerged from the forest into cleared land and ate a late lunch. They then continued to Crow's Nest Lookout where the walk terminated.
Thanks are due to leader Alan Dow and the drivers who contributed to the car shuffle.

Four Falls - January 2013

The 'Four Falls' Walk Report - Sunday 6/01/2013

Our rendezvous point was the usual corner of Mt. Sabine Road and TW Spur Track.

An interesting group of 15 walkers met at the appointed time.
They came from Apollo Bay, Bambra, Deans Marsh, Anglesea, Colac, Forrest, and two "woofers' from Italy - courtesy of Richard G. Manuello and Sebastian, the Italians, had not seen country like this before and their cameras worked overtime.
Maureen from Forrest turned out to be a french speaking Canadian, living in Oz for 30 years. She certainly chose a difficult walk for her first time with us and hopefully she hasn't  been turned off walking with us again.

It was a good day for walking, fine but not too hot.
We were ably led by Jennifer Morrow. We walked clockwise around the circuit to Brunswick Falls, Galliebarinda Falls, Upper Cumberland Falls and Yannathan Falls.

As usual, there were some trees down across the track, some ribbons covered with moss, and sometimes the track was overgrown, but after sending out scouts, we always found the track without too much difficulty, and delays were minimal.

Not as much water going over the falls this time which made the crossings a little easier, but regardless, the falls are always attractive.

It had been a long day and when we arrived at the turn off to Yannathan Falls, it was decided to leave them till next time.

Afterwards, some of the walkers gathered at Martians in Deans Marsh and enjoyed a well earned coffee before heading home.

Although this walk is long and demanding, it is nevertheless a very rewarding walk.

Wild Dog Falls - Dec 2012

Wild Dog Falls Walk Report
Attendees: Sue McKenzie (leader), Graeme Ward, Neel Ganesan, Doris Denney, Floss Ross, Mick Roberts, Bernard Jordan, Tim Cobb, Gabriel Fuller, Sue Twigg, Nola Hardess, Andrew Hackett, Leanne Matheson, Patricia Dressel and Les Roe.
Fifteen walkers enjoyed a refreshing walk through the rainforest to Wild Dog Falls and back. Five walkers came from Geelong, five from Camperdown and five locals met at Haynes Junction in the light rain. We car pooled to the parking area 5kms down Turton’s Track, where we left about 10am. 
The track was in fairly good condition with some fallen trees encountered. Many old pink ribbons were replaced. The intermittent light rain kept our raincoats on and off most of the day. 
Due to the recent rain, the Wild Dog Falls were working well. After lunch at the falls, we headed back with a detour to the Jack Phillips Cascades. Although all ropes were in fair condition, they will be replaced soon. We were all back at the cars at 3:30, suitably tired and impressed. ORWTA’s new GPS was taken along for the walk, so the track is now logged.