Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Dog Track Pics- September 2012

View from Turtons Track - Thanks Patricia for the pics!

Thanks Alan for leading the walk........There was a big hill but we didn't think that it was that tiring!!
Sue and Les ribboning

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wild Dog Track  ~  Sunday 2nd September, 2012.

Walkers: Alan Dow (leader), Sue McKenzie, Patricia Dressell, Les Rowe, Sue Twigg, Sharon & Peter Bray & Elizabeth Anderson

The small group of 8 completed the walk, comprising members from Geelong Bushwalking Club, Otway Ranges Walking Track Association and visitors.  As Spring had arrived on time this year, we were looking forward to a nice day in the bush.  After a short car shuffle, we left Turtons Track heading south along the Wild Dog Track; one of two trails that were hope to have opened for walking in the no-so-distant future.  As some of us were here the week before to remove some of the branches off the track, we made good progress to the old log landing (1 ½ hrs), where we had our first break.  After this, we made steady – albeit slow at times – progress as it has been a long time since we had walked this track.  At times there were steep valleys falling on both sides of the track and you knew you were on a major ridge line.  Finally we came out of the forest, arriving at a farm with the sound of many baa’s to greet us.   After our third break, we started up the ‘4-o’clock hill’; although we were warned, we did not really want to tackle this in our weary state.  Our fourth break was promptly taken once the summit was reached where we enjoyed the great vistas that lay before us.  Then it was off on the last leg that had us walking through a narrow track in dense scrub, through open farmland that we could see the sea and finally on a road up to where our cars were waiting at Crows Nest.  A walk that would have taken just over 5 hours in the past, has taken us 7.5 hours.  No time for a ‘coffee’ as we were running late for the AGM; but the first beer went down well.  Thanks to all who came and toughed it out.