Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wild Dog Ridge Track - February 2013

Walk Report, Wild Dog Track, Sunday 3/2/2013
16 walkers met at Haines Junction and travelled 5 km by car along along Turton's Track to the starting point for the walk, from where they departed at 10:30.
The day was cool with low cloud in the valleys and some light showers.
The route was mostly well ribboned and followed a narrow ridge between the Wild Dog Creek and East Barham River. The walk proceeded at a brisk pace, with little fallen timber or undergrowth to slow progress. There was, however, a brief delay caused by a large and well-nourished tiger snake.
Many birds were heard, if not seen, and many ripe berries were found and eaten.
At 3:00 the walkers emerged from the forest into cleared land and ate a late lunch. They then continued to Crow's Nest Lookout where the walk terminated.
Thanks are due to leader Alan Dow and the drivers who contributed to the car shuffle.

Four Falls - January 2013

The 'Four Falls' Walk Report - Sunday 6/01/2013

Our rendezvous point was the usual corner of Mt. Sabine Road and TW Spur Track.

An interesting group of 15 walkers met at the appointed time.
They came from Apollo Bay, Bambra, Deans Marsh, Anglesea, Colac, Forrest, and two "woofers' from Italy - courtesy of Richard G. Manuello and Sebastian, the Italians, had not seen country like this before and their cameras worked overtime.
Maureen from Forrest turned out to be a french speaking Canadian, living in Oz for 30 years. She certainly chose a difficult walk for her first time with us and hopefully she hasn't  been turned off walking with us again.

It was a good day for walking, fine but not too hot.
We were ably led by Jennifer Morrow. We walked clockwise around the circuit to Brunswick Falls, Galliebarinda Falls, Upper Cumberland Falls and Yannathan Falls.

As usual, there were some trees down across the track, some ribbons covered with moss, and sometimes the track was overgrown, but after sending out scouts, we always found the track without too much difficulty, and delays were minimal.

Not as much water going over the falls this time which made the crossings a little easier, but regardless, the falls are always attractive.

It had been a long day and when we arrived at the turn off to Yannathan Falls, it was decided to leave them till next time.

Afterwards, some of the walkers gathered at Martians in Deans Marsh and enjoyed a well earned coffee before heading home.

Although this walk is long and demanding, it is nevertheless a very rewarding walk.

Wild Dog Falls - Dec 2012

Wild Dog Falls Walk Report
Attendees: Sue McKenzie (leader), Graeme Ward, Neel Ganesan, Doris Denney, Floss Ross, Mick Roberts, Bernard Jordan, Tim Cobb, Gabriel Fuller, Sue Twigg, Nola Hardess, Andrew Hackett, Leanne Matheson, Patricia Dressel and Les Roe.
Fifteen walkers enjoyed a refreshing walk through the rainforest to Wild Dog Falls and back. Five walkers came from Geelong, five from Camperdown and five locals met at Haynes Junction in the light rain. We car pooled to the parking area 5kms down Turton’s Track, where we left about 10am. 
The track was in fairly good condition with some fallen trees encountered. Many old pink ribbons were replaced. The intermittent light rain kept our raincoats on and off most of the day. 
Due to the recent rain, the Wild Dog Falls were working well. After lunch at the falls, we headed back with a detour to the Jack Phillips Cascades. Although all ropes were in fair condition, they will be replaced soon. We were all back at the cars at 3:30, suitably tired and impressed. ORWTA’s new GPS was taken along for the walk, so the track is now logged.