Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wild Dog Ridge Track - February 2013

Walk Report, Wild Dog Track, Sunday 3/2/2013
16 walkers met at Haines Junction and travelled 5 km by car along along Turton's Track to the starting point for the walk, from where they departed at 10:30.
The day was cool with low cloud in the valleys and some light showers.
The route was mostly well ribboned and followed a narrow ridge between the Wild Dog Creek and East Barham River. The walk proceeded at a brisk pace, with little fallen timber or undergrowth to slow progress. There was, however, a brief delay caused by a large and well-nourished tiger snake.
Many birds were heard, if not seen, and many ripe berries were found and eaten.
At 3:00 the walkers emerged from the forest into cleared land and ate a late lunch. They then continued to Crow's Nest Lookout where the walk terminated.
Thanks are due to leader Alan Dow and the drivers who contributed to the car shuffle.

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