Saturday, July 5, 2014

Allenvale to Sheoak Carpark

Allenvale to Sheoak Car  Park

Walk Report;  1st June 2014

Walkers; Ed Babbington (leader), Bernard Jordan, Jack Antonas, Andrew Hackett, Joan McMahon, Kemp, Les Roe, Doug &Heather Roydhouse,Jane Sklovsky, Karen Tank, Johanne Walker, Debra White, members of GBC and ORWTA and visitors.

After arranging the car shuffle from Sheoak car park, we set off from Allenvale. Despite the forecast, there was no rain, (not even drizzle). The tracks were in good condition, and we had them pretty much to ourselves. First stop was Phantom Falls, followed by a small scramble down into The Canyon. (Ed had checked the walk on his bike, and said this spot was a little challenging,) Then through fern gully and up to Henderson Falls, before returning to the Sheoak picnic ground for a leisurely lunch. 
Energized, we headed west to the ever attractive Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls before returning east along the Garvey Track. We then headed south towards Castle Rock, but with a thick fog having descended by now, we bypassed this lookout point, and headed straight to Sheoak falls before returning to the car park. The 15km walk took about 6 hours including breaks. Everyone enjoyed the walk, including 1st timer Johanne, who, along with Kim and Joan, kept their driver Bernard alert with great conversation.
Thanks for the good company, and many thanks to Ed for leading the walk.

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan & Les Roe

Wild Dog Falls

Wild Dog Falls Walk Report; 

4th May 2014
Walkers; Bernard Jordan (leader), Patricia Dressel, Clare Cotton, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Louise Kemp, Garry Marr, Julie Mirtschin, Jennifer Morrow, Suresh Pathy,  Les Roe, Helen Shelley, Conrad and Debra White, members of GBC, ORWTA, Camperdown Bushwalking Club and visitors.
A few raindrops prompted Bernard to don a raincoat, which caused (?) a fine, even briefly  sunny day. We left cars (room for 5) at a clearing some 300m east of the start of the walk, which is 5km west of Haines Junction along Turton's Track. Some 300m south of the gate to Wild Dog Track, we turned left to the track / ribboned route to the falls. Soon we passed an old boiler - remains of Sharps No.3 Mill - then along an old logging track to a steep descent to lunch at the pretty, but loud, Wild Dog Falls. Then we detoured to the cascades above the falls before the uphill return. On the way we admired a bower made by a (male) bower bird. The walk took about 4 and a half hours including breaks. Everyone enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the good company!

 (Note: There is a longer, through route, from Haines Junction to the falls and exiting at Turton's Track).

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan.

Carisbrook Mill,
6th April, 2014

Jack Antonas, Kim Attard, Graeme Doune, Sandra Dyer, Gabriel Fuller, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Bernard Heffernan, Louise Kemp, Joan McMahon, Anne Molan, Sureth Pathy, Roslyn Ross, Jane Sklovski, Debra White, Bernard Jordan (Leader)

We commenced walking from the track (formally a road) off Henry's Road, some 200m west of Nettle Track. The track has a gate, but nearly obscured by scrub. It goes straight down to Carisbrook Mill site on the pretty Carisbrook Creek. Several artefacts and imported plants remain.
We walked east along the creek for some 2km, no track but the occasional ribbon. After we returned to have lunch at the mill site, we continued west along the creek until ribbons led us up and up a spur, which ended at Sunnyside Road. We then had a short road walk to the cars.
We enjoyed the good company on a fine day in the forest.

Many thanks to Bernard for that report.