Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wild Dog Falls Walk - April 7th 2013

Wild Dog Falls Walk  ~  Sunday April 7th, 2013.

Walkers:- Alan Dow (leader), Sue McKenzie, Andrew Hackett, Gabriel Fuller, Bernard Jordan, Les Rowe, Jack Antonas, Judy Newman, Murray Kelson, Jenny Grice, Elizabeth Anderson, Carole Gowty, Garry Higgins, Sue Twigg, Pauline Johnson, Joan McMahon, Julia McKeag and Christine Barr.

Walkers from Otway RangesGeelong, Camperdown and Bayside Clubs assembled at Haines Junction ready to embark on a challenging day in the Otway bush.  The group of 18 consisted of those with many years experience through to those new to walking in the cool temperate rainforest. The day was rather pleasant for walking; and although warm, leeches were still present and the odd Otway Black Snail.  It wasn’t long before we were on the old logging track with its wide bends as it zig zagged it’s our way down to Tea House Creek Junction, where this small creek meets the Wild Dog Creek. The track was quite negotiable, taking about two hours to arrive at our long awaited morning tea stop amongst the tall ferns.
The next leg slowed us down somewhat as we made our way along the beautiful ferny glades of the Wild Dog Creek. We noticed that the August flood had cleared away most of the stinging nettles and wire grass from the water course itself.  Soon after reaching Jack Phillip’s Cascade, we negotiated our way up from the creek before descending to the base of Wild Dog Falls for a very much deserved lunch. With the long dry period the Otways have experienced this year, the falls were certainly not at their best, but still beautiful and well worth the effort in reaching them. As the day was getting on, we started the long uphill path along the ridge line to where the start of the old logging tramway. Here one could imagine the huge logs being hauled out of the valley long ago. Half way along this, we took a breather and drinks stop before finally reaching Sharps No. 3 Mill site where the old boiler had been left rusting away.
Soon we reached Wild Dog Track where we turned downhill for the final stroll to reach the carpark on Turtons Track. All emerged from the bush tired and dirty but challenged and thoroughly satisfied by our experience in a remote area of the Otways. Due to daylight savings having ended today, there was not much daylight left. A vehicle was waiting for the ferrying of walkers back to Haines Junction.
 Alan Dow.