Friday, October 25, 2013

October Walk

Kennett River Rd to Grey River Rd
6th October 2013
Walkers:     Sue Trigg (ORWTA), Jenny Brice, Chris Barr (Camperdown), Joan McMahon, Kim Attard, Bernard Jordan (leader) (GBC) 

We set up a car shuffle with the end point 11.3 km along the Grey River road from the Kennett River Store. Another car was left at the gate on Ridge Road (off the Great Ocean Road). The track joined Kennett road, and we continued on a further 3 km or so to meet the Kennett Wye jeep track. We continued on a further 1.5 km to the junction with the track down (west) to Kennett River, but missed it! After a while we turned back and found it. There is an opening in the bush, a log on the ground, and now several ribbons. The track is an old logging track. We crossed the river - about 30 cm deep - and walked some 15 m along the bank upstream to the track - bikie erosion obvious - up to a sharp bend on Coopers No 2 track/road. My notes said the route to Grey River commenced within 5 minutes of this junction, heading south, but we missed it! (Two strikes!)
We walked on to the end of Coopers No 2 road at the Grey River road. Bernard volunteered to walk some 5 km along Grey River road to retrieve a car. Shortly, 2 gorgeous French girls gave Bernard a lift. On return, I found a gallant French(?) Canadian man waiting in the drizzle for the girls to return. Soon sorted. 

We were surprised to find Alan Dow, Sue McKenzie and Les Roe discussing ORWTA affairs at the Wye River pub, so we joined them for coffee before returning from our adventures.