Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walk - Allambee Beek Falls - Sunday the 5th of October
Leader :- Kim Attard       Walkers :- Colleen Bourke, Debra and Conrad White, Lorraine and Anne Molan, Alan Dow, Les Roe, Lachlan Richardson, Sarah Coll, Rosemary Vince, Jill Gall, Libby Smith, Liz and Pete Youman and Lisa Hunter.

The day started early as we lost an hour due to the clocks moving forward, but all were in good spirits when we met at Curtis track.  We commenced down the 2.5klm dirt track until we entered the pristine Otway forest.  Several working bees had been completed on the track, so progress was good.

 We then meandered mostly down chattering away enjoying the lush ferns and the rainforest smells until we reached Allambee Beek Falls, which were flowing well.  A steep climb and a little scramble on to staircase falls, there we all relaxed and enjoyed a long lunch.   After a rest we had a long steady ascent to get to the ridge where we reached a further track cleared section.  We made it out to Wye river road in record time so had plenty of time to reflect on the day eating cake and drinking coffee. 
Pictures – Top:  The group taking a break.                                          Centre left:  Staircase Falls                                            Centre right:  Conrad White or Pete Youman in front of an enormous Mountain Ash tree.       Bottom:  Allambee Beek Falls

Walk Report

Highview - Apollo Bay31st August  2014

Walkers; Alan Dow (leader), Linda Carter, Andrew Hackett, Bernard Jordan, Wally Krafft, Annie Moston, Les Roe, Odette Sheills, Sue Steward, Sue Twigg, Deborah White. Members of ORWTA & GBC, plus visitor Sue Steward.

Whilst we were assembling at the Apollo Bay Information Centre, Sue Steward was preparing herself for a solo walk, when she guessed we were bushwalkers, and so she joined us! So with guest walker in tow, we set off to Tuxion Road, then up Old Tuxion Road as a steep short cut, before rejoining Tuxion Road and heading to the Crows Nest Lookout, where we enjoyed good views over the ocean and north to the main Otways ridge. 

We then walked westwards, briefly, then roughly south to the Highview Walk, which undulates along a ridge through farmland. We enjoyed views north along Wild Dog ridge, then views over the valley leading to Marriners Falls, before the delight of spectacular views over Marengo and Apollo Bay. We passed curious cattle and some nervous sheep with their lambs on our descent to join the road back to Apollo Bay. Four and a half hours of enjoyable walking in good weather, in great company.

Walk report provided by Bernard Jordan.

 Next walk
The next walk is to Allambee Beek on Sunday 5th October 2014.
Leader; Kim Attard. Please phone Kim on 03 5263 2242 if you intend to participate.

A meeting will be held after the walk at Martians in Deans Marsh at 5:30pm.

Ironbark Gorge and Currawong Falls circuit, 

Sunday, 3rd August, 2014

Walkers: Gabriel Fuller, Debra White, Helen Cuell, Mick Roberts, Doris Denny, Ginny Logan, Lyndal Almond, Janette Malone (visitor), Viv Pascoe, Katherine Graham, Brenda Riley, Andrew Hackett, Jack Antonas, Clare Cotton, Les Roe (these 4 from ORTWA) and Daphne Sands (leader).

It was a beautiful day for walking, clear, a little cold, but no rain. After climbing through the thick forest of the Ironbark Gorge we stopped for banana break on the rock shelf that gives a magnificent view to the sea and the Aireys Inlet lighthouse.
The highlight of this walk was to see water flowing over the Currawong Falls, not seen before by any of the walkers. Parks have constructed a small viewing platform giving a good view of the falls.

Descending after the falls the track was a running creek in a couple of places, but once we crossed the creek it was dry and in good condition. Except from the group from Camperdown, we all gathered at Truffles for a warm drink and a chat.

Currawong Falls - Picture Les Roe

Lake Elizabeth, Sunday 7th July, 2014.

Walkers: Alan Dow (leader), Bernard Jordan, Les Roe, Jack Antonas, Andrew Hackett, Sue Twigg, Biba Horvatic, Johanne Walker, Bob Lambell, Ginny Logan, Odette Sheills, Kim Attard, Conrad and Debra White, Annie Mostun, Linda Carter, Elizabeth Anderson and Patricia Dressel.

It was great to see a good roll up of familiar and new faces for our monthly combined walk with the Otway Ranges Walking Track Association. Having assembled at Forrest in gloomy rainy conditions, all 18 were worried that this was going to be a really wet day; none more than the trip leader who openly admits to not desiring ‘to do rain.’ However, off we went through the town and by the time we were walking along the West Barwon Dam wall the rain had all but gone. Incidentally, we briefly ‘lost’ the last 3 of our party!
We then followed the main shared walking/mountain bike trail up and over into the East Barwon Valley to the car-park. It was a welcome relief when we finally made the picnic area for a late break/lunch. The next leg saw us reach the charming Lake Elizabeth, then set off for the circuit around it. I thought I would organize a boot washing service for all participants, whether you liked it or not; to negotiate the far end of the lake we passed along the boardwalk, just so happens it was covered with water. The walk on the other side was dominated by ferns, moss and fungi. Although on the Park sign it said it should take 3 to 5 hours, we arrived back at the picnic spot in 1.5 hours, where we had our proper lunch. Although no platypus were spotted, we did pass two slow moving Otway black snails.

Then it was off again, returning to Forrest mostly on a different trail. So after six and a half hours we arrived back to our cars. A quick freshen-up and then it was straight across the road for the much-anticipated coffee-n-scones at the ‘Wonky Donkey’ Pub. What a great way to spend a particularly nice day in the Otway bush, with a great group of like-minded people.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Allenvale to Sheoak Carpark

Allenvale to Sheoak Car  Park

Walk Report;  1st June 2014

Walkers; Ed Babbington (leader), Bernard Jordan, Jack Antonas, Andrew Hackett, Joan McMahon, Kemp, Les Roe, Doug &Heather Roydhouse,Jane Sklovsky, Karen Tank, Johanne Walker, Debra White, members of GBC and ORWTA and visitors.

After arranging the car shuffle from Sheoak car park, we set off from Allenvale. Despite the forecast, there was no rain, (not even drizzle). The tracks were in good condition, and we had them pretty much to ourselves. First stop was Phantom Falls, followed by a small scramble down into The Canyon. (Ed had checked the walk on his bike, and said this spot was a little challenging,) Then through fern gully and up to Henderson Falls, before returning to the Sheoak picnic ground for a leisurely lunch. 
Energized, we headed west to the ever attractive Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls before returning east along the Garvey Track. We then headed south towards Castle Rock, but with a thick fog having descended by now, we bypassed this lookout point, and headed straight to Sheoak falls before returning to the car park. The 15km walk took about 6 hours including breaks. Everyone enjoyed the walk, including 1st timer Johanne, who, along with Kim and Joan, kept their driver Bernard alert with great conversation.
Thanks for the good company, and many thanks to Ed for leading the walk.

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan & Les Roe

Wild Dog Falls

Wild Dog Falls Walk Report; 

4th May 2014
Walkers; Bernard Jordan (leader), Patricia Dressel, Clare Cotton, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Louise Kemp, Garry Marr, Julie Mirtschin, Jennifer Morrow, Suresh Pathy,  Les Roe, Helen Shelley, Conrad and Debra White, members of GBC, ORWTA, Camperdown Bushwalking Club and visitors.
A few raindrops prompted Bernard to don a raincoat, which caused (?) a fine, even briefly  sunny day. We left cars (room for 5) at a clearing some 300m east of the start of the walk, which is 5km west of Haines Junction along Turton's Track. Some 300m south of the gate to Wild Dog Track, we turned left to the track / ribboned route to the falls. Soon we passed an old boiler - remains of Sharps No.3 Mill - then along an old logging track to a steep descent to lunch at the pretty, but loud, Wild Dog Falls. Then we detoured to the cascades above the falls before the uphill return. On the way we admired a bower made by a (male) bower bird. The walk took about 4 and a half hours including breaks. Everyone enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the good company!

 (Note: There is a longer, through route, from Haines Junction to the falls and exiting at Turton's Track).

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan.

Carisbrook Mill,
6th April, 2014

Jack Antonas, Kim Attard, Graeme Doune, Sandra Dyer, Gabriel Fuller, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Bernard Heffernan, Louise Kemp, Joan McMahon, Anne Molan, Sureth Pathy, Roslyn Ross, Jane Sklovski, Debra White, Bernard Jordan (Leader)

We commenced walking from the track (formally a road) off Henry's Road, some 200m west of Nettle Track. The track has a gate, but nearly obscured by scrub. It goes straight down to Carisbrook Mill site on the pretty Carisbrook Creek. Several artefacts and imported plants remain.
We walked east along the creek for some 2km, no track but the occasional ribbon. After we returned to have lunch at the mill site, we continued west along the creek until ribbons led us up and up a spur, which ended at Sunnyside Road. We then had a short road walk to the cars.
We enjoyed the good company on a fine day in the forest.

Many thanks to Bernard for that report.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Walk Report; 2nd March 2014

Walkers; Bernard Jordan (leader), Alan Dow, Patricia Dressel, Biba Horvatic, Victoria Howlett, Stephen Johnstone, Wally Krafft, Irene McGinnigle, Julie Mirtschin, Dev Pathy, Sureth Pathy, Sue Twigg, members of GBC, ORWTA and visitors.

We left a car at Jamieson Creek and departed from Cumberland River Reserve along 4WD Cumberland Track, which runs generally westwards along a ridge including Mount Defiance, alas no views. This and other tracks are currently being extensively widened for fire fighting purposes.we turned left at Curtis "Road" and shortly after, left again at Wye River Road. From here we followed another ridge, taking the left turn to Jamieson Track, which runs "basically" downhill to the Great Ocean Road at Jamieson Creek. The tracks have some steep sections, where walking poles would be necessary in muddy, slippery circumstances. The forests are attractive when you look past the current destruction. Thanks for the good company!

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Four Falls- Jan 2014

Walk Report, Four Falls from TW Spur, Sunday 5/1/2014

Walkers: Jennifer Morrow, Barbara McCrae, Wendy Speer, Nick Speer, Patricia Dressel, Tim Dressel, Neil Mathison, Jenny Grice, Irene McGinnigle, Stephen Johnstone, Andrew Hackett, Scott Fowler, Jill Fowler, Sue Twigg, Nola Hardess, Craig Scales, Julie Scales.

The day was cool and showery but with lengthy fine periods and sunshine in the afternoon.
Seventeen walkers met at the corner of Mt. Sabine Road and TW Spur Track, whence they proceeded to Brunswick Falls, Galliebarinda Falls and Upper Cumberland Falls in
that order, beginning at 9:45.

There was much to see on this extensive walk. All falls were most attractive with strong flows of water despite the season. Bracket fungi in a variety of sizes and colours were prolific. Many birds were heard, including cockatoos, and some were also sighted.

Navigation proved to be somewhat difficult, owing to strong growth in the understorey which had obscured tracks and ribbons. Much fallen timber also lay across tracks, adding to difficulties and slowing progress, and the large number of walkers contributed to the delay at each obstacle.

It was 5:30 before the party reached the branching track to Yannathan Falls and unanimously decided to forego this part of the walk. Even so, the starting point was not regained till 7:00pm making it a long day.

Some track work and re-ribboning would shorten the time required (currently about 10 hours if all four falls are visited), but this rewarding walk is inevitably one of our longest and most demanding.

Thanks are due to Jennifer Morrow for her capable and energetic leadership.

Andrew Hackett

Next Walk
Wild Dog Track, Sunday 2nd February 2014
Leader: Alan Dow

Please call Alan on 0400404046 if planning to participate.

Walk Report Dec 2013 - Wye Canyon

Wye Falls and Canyon Walk  ~  Sunday December 1st, 2013.

Walkers:- Richard Gilbert (leader), Alan Dow, Bernard Jordan, Kim Attard, Les Rowe, Patricia Dressel, Jenny Grice, Wendy Speer, Glen Stert, Digby Williamson, Andrea Lau, Philipp Ruiter.

Sunday the first was a fine sunny, perfect day for a change, and the falls were spectacular.

11 of us including 2 visitors from Germany, and representation from Camperdown and Geelong Bushwalking clubs, as well as ORWTA members set out from the Kennett Track starting point at about 10.30am.

I found the starting point first try, unlike the last attempt on April Fools day this year. The old bicycle near the start of the track is still there.

There was quite a lot of vegetation over the benched logging track on the descent to Wye River which slowed down progress.

The river was higher than I have experienced it after heavy Spring rains.
Growth of blackberry and nettle on the south side of the river made walking in the stream more attractive than pushing through it.

We lunched at the Falls, then retraced our steps downstream, to find the route out to where we left Alan’s car, at the intersection of Mud Rd and Wye Rd.

The climb out was just as steep as last time, marred by some idiots on trail bikes who had torn up the track causing water erosion on the steep slope.

Mud road was as its name suggests, and seems to be popular with trail bikers judging by the damage in evidence, some of it knee deep ruts.

We reached Alan’s car at 5pm which was pretty much on schedule.

Richard Gilbert