Saturday, July 5, 2014

Carisbrook Mill,
6th April, 2014

Jack Antonas, Kim Attard, Graeme Doune, Sandra Dyer, Gabriel Fuller, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Bernard Heffernan, Louise Kemp, Joan McMahon, Anne Molan, Sureth Pathy, Roslyn Ross, Jane Sklovski, Debra White, Bernard Jordan (Leader)

We commenced walking from the track (formally a road) off Henry's Road, some 200m west of Nettle Track. The track has a gate, but nearly obscured by scrub. It goes straight down to Carisbrook Mill site on the pretty Carisbrook Creek. Several artefacts and imported plants remain.
We walked east along the creek for some 2km, no track but the occasional ribbon. After we returned to have lunch at the mill site, we continued west along the creek until ribbons led us up and up a spur, which ended at Sunnyside Road. We then had a short road walk to the cars.
We enjoyed the good company on a fine day in the forest.

Many thanks to Bernard for that report.

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