Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wild Dog Falls

Wild Dog Falls Walk Report; 

4th May 2014
Walkers; Bernard Jordan (leader), Patricia Dressel, Clare Cotton, Jenny Grice, Andrew Hackett, Louise Kemp, Garry Marr, Julie Mirtschin, Jennifer Morrow, Suresh Pathy,  Les Roe, Helen Shelley, Conrad and Debra White, members of GBC, ORWTA, Camperdown Bushwalking Club and visitors.
A few raindrops prompted Bernard to don a raincoat, which caused (?) a fine, even briefly  sunny day. We left cars (room for 5) at a clearing some 300m east of the start of the walk, which is 5km west of Haines Junction along Turton's Track. Some 300m south of the gate to Wild Dog Track, we turned left to the track / ribboned route to the falls. Soon we passed an old boiler - remains of Sharps No.3 Mill - then along an old logging track to a steep descent to lunch at the pretty, but loud, Wild Dog Falls. Then we detoured to the cascades above the falls before the uphill return. On the way we admired a bower made by a (male) bower bird. The walk took about 4 and a half hours including breaks. Everyone enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the good company!

 (Note: There is a longer, through route, from Haines Junction to the falls and exiting at Turton's Track).

This walk report provided by Bernard Jordan.

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