Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walk - Allambee Beek Falls - Sunday the 5th of October
Leader :- Kim Attard       Walkers :- Colleen Bourke, Debra and Conrad White, Lorraine and Anne Molan, Alan Dow, Les Roe, Lachlan Richardson, Sarah Coll, Rosemary Vince, Jill Gall, Libby Smith, Liz and Pete Youman and Lisa Hunter.

The day started early as we lost an hour due to the clocks moving forward, but all were in good spirits when we met at Curtis track.  We commenced down the 2.5klm dirt track until we entered the pristine Otway forest.  Several working bees had been completed on the track, so progress was good.

 We then meandered mostly down chattering away enjoying the lush ferns and the rainforest smells until we reached Allambee Beek Falls, which were flowing well.  A steep climb and a little scramble on to staircase falls, there we all relaxed and enjoyed a long lunch.   After a rest we had a long steady ascent to get to the ridge where we reached a further track cleared section.  We made it out to Wye river road in record time so had plenty of time to reflect on the day eating cake and drinking coffee. 
Pictures – Top:  The group taking a break.                                          Centre left:  Staircase Falls                                            Centre right:  Conrad White or Pete Youman in front of an enormous Mountain Ash tree.       Bottom:  Allambee Beek Falls

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