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Walk Report Dec 2013 - Wye Canyon

Wye Falls and Canyon Walk  ~  Sunday December 1st, 2013.

Walkers:- Richard Gilbert (leader), Alan Dow, Bernard Jordan, Kim Attard, Les Rowe, Patricia Dressel, Jenny Grice, Wendy Speer, Glen Stert, Digby Williamson, Andrea Lau, Philipp Ruiter.

Sunday the first was a fine sunny, perfect day for a change, and the falls were spectacular.

11 of us including 2 visitors from Germany, and representation from Camperdown and Geelong Bushwalking clubs, as well as ORWTA members set out from the Kennett Track starting point at about 10.30am.

I found the starting point first try, unlike the last attempt on April Fools day this year. The old bicycle near the start of the track is still there.

There was quite a lot of vegetation over the benched logging track on the descent to Wye River which slowed down progress.

The river was higher than I have experienced it after heavy Spring rains.
Growth of blackberry and nettle on the south side of the river made walking in the stream more attractive than pushing through it.

We lunched at the Falls, then retraced our steps downstream, to find the route out to where we left Alan’s car, at the intersection of Mud Rd and Wye Rd.

The climb out was just as steep as last time, marred by some idiots on trail bikes who had torn up the track causing water erosion on the steep slope.

Mud road was as its name suggests, and seems to be popular with trail bikers judging by the damage in evidence, some of it knee deep ruts.

We reached Alan’s car at 5pm which was pretty much on schedule.

Richard Gilbert


lm said...

Don't know if you will read this but in 2005 i drove down Kennet track to start of wye river falls decent entry. I pulled my bicycle out of car and rode as far as i could then briskly walked down to river . Slid over last gorge drop into river bank and tied a ribbon in middle of river thank goodness. Ran down the dry creek bed and got to falls in 10 minutes , I'm a good rock hop/runner and water low. Filmed falls and ran back and found ribbon where i had entered. Couldn't find way out as i had forgotten i slid down small gorge to access and in doing so lost sight of ribbon for main accent track. After giving myself claustrophobia and stress i went back down river to drink .. i had no water and told nobody i was going. I calmed myself and thought i entered where i tied ribbon in river so must be here .. so i climbed cliff and found ribbon .. what a relief ! I ran up track so fast i forgot my bicycle and said bugger it , it can stay there .. and drove home ... the whole adventure took 1 hour and must be a record ... hahaha . what an idiot i was but i have footage of the adventure ... ill post a link and thanks for letting me know the Bike is still there hahahah

lm said...

lm said...