Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walk Report
Highview Scenic Walk                                                                                                    
10th November 2013

Walkers: Sue McKenzie (leader), Nola Hardess, Sue Twigg, Andrew Hackett, Les Roe.

The weather was fine with a cool eastly wind as we left the Apollo Bay Visitor Centre at 1:30pm. We headed up Tuxion and Old Tuxion Rd, where we stopped a few times to admire the view, and catch our breath! (There are a few steep sections!)
After Crowes Nest, the track down the hill was a bit slippery. The GPS guided us through the farmland with precision. A banana break was taken just off the ridge above the Walters’ place overlooking the Barham valley where we consulted maps to check how close the Wild Dog and Barham Rivers are to each other.

The sun came out to show off the spectacular vistas from Cape Patton to past Marengo. Thanks go to the farmers who allowed us through their properties. We walked down past McKenzie’s where we met up with a follow member, Val Flitton, who was also admiring the view. The Apollo Bay Hotel was finally reached at 5pm, just in time for our meeting. It was one of our easier, panoramic walks.

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