Saturday, January 25, 2014

Four Falls- Jan 2014

Walk Report, Four Falls from TW Spur, Sunday 5/1/2014

Walkers: Jennifer Morrow, Barbara McCrae, Wendy Speer, Nick Speer, Patricia Dressel, Tim Dressel, Neil Mathison, Jenny Grice, Irene McGinnigle, Stephen Johnstone, Andrew Hackett, Scott Fowler, Jill Fowler, Sue Twigg, Nola Hardess, Craig Scales, Julie Scales.

The day was cool and showery but with lengthy fine periods and sunshine in the afternoon.
Seventeen walkers met at the corner of Mt. Sabine Road and TW Spur Track, whence they proceeded to Brunswick Falls, Galliebarinda Falls and Upper Cumberland Falls in
that order, beginning at 9:45.

There was much to see on this extensive walk. All falls were most attractive with strong flows of water despite the season. Bracket fungi in a variety of sizes and colours were prolific. Many birds were heard, including cockatoos, and some were also sighted.

Navigation proved to be somewhat difficult, owing to strong growth in the understorey which had obscured tracks and ribbons. Much fallen timber also lay across tracks, adding to difficulties and slowing progress, and the large number of walkers contributed to the delay at each obstacle.

It was 5:30 before the party reached the branching track to Yannathan Falls and unanimously decided to forego this part of the walk. Even so, the starting point was not regained till 7:00pm making it a long day.

Some track work and re-ribboning would shorten the time required (currently about 10 hours if all four falls are visited), but this rewarding walk is inevitably one of our longest and most demanding.

Thanks are due to Jennifer Morrow for her capable and energetic leadership.

Andrew Hackett

Next Walk
Wild Dog Track, Sunday 2nd February 2014
Leader: Alan Dow

Please call Alan on 0400404046 if planning to participate.

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