Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Falls - January 2013

The 'Four Falls' Walk Report - Sunday 6/01/2013

Our rendezvous point was the usual corner of Mt. Sabine Road and TW Spur Track.

An interesting group of 15 walkers met at the appointed time.
They came from Apollo Bay, Bambra, Deans Marsh, Anglesea, Colac, Forrest, and two "woofers' from Italy - courtesy of Richard G. Manuello and Sebastian, the Italians, had not seen country like this before and their cameras worked overtime.
Maureen from Forrest turned out to be a french speaking Canadian, living in Oz for 30 years. She certainly chose a difficult walk for her first time with us and hopefully she hasn't  been turned off walking with us again.

It was a good day for walking, fine but not too hot.
We were ably led by Jennifer Morrow. We walked clockwise around the circuit to Brunswick Falls, Galliebarinda Falls, Upper Cumberland Falls and Yannathan Falls.

As usual, there were some trees down across the track, some ribbons covered with moss, and sometimes the track was overgrown, but after sending out scouts, we always found the track without too much difficulty, and delays were minimal.

Not as much water going over the falls this time which made the crossings a little easier, but regardless, the falls are always attractive.

It had been a long day and when we arrived at the turn off to Yannathan Falls, it was decided to leave them till next time.

Afterwards, some of the walkers gathered at Martians in Deans Marsh and enjoyed a well earned coffee before heading home.

Although this walk is long and demanding, it is nevertheless a very rewarding walk.


Bobcat Murray said...

I attempted this walk yesterday 31/3/2013. Entered off Curtis rd, walking down to the bridge destroyed, where the road meets the Cumberland river. From there I walked the river, following some pink ribbons (when I could see them!) found galliebarinda falls after an hour of walking (30mins from bridge destroyed on Curtis rd to galliebarinda falls). After photographing these falls for about 30mins I embarked for Brunswick falls. Just shy of an hour later I was at the top of Brunswick falls. Probably the best falls I have seen so far (off the beaten track) in the otways. This time rushing to take photos I headed off attempting to get back to the car or Curtis rd by 4 pm. This is where it all went wrong.
Travelling back I found some pink ribbons, therefore I followed them. I imagined in my head and referring to the map I was headed towards TW SPUR track. The wrong direction but feasible nonetheless. After following the ribbons for approx 2.5 hours I figured the ribbons were leading me on a wild goose chase. Given time constraints and the pending sunset and having no idea where I was. I turned around, back tracking to Cumberland river to make my escape. Finally I returned to the river and some familiar landmarks. Unfortunately I got sidetracked again by the pink ribbons and found myself viewing the upper Cumberland falls, looking at the map and judging the water flow direction and identifying that I passed two falls in quick succession I determined that I was heading the wrong direction. Yes it is starting to get dark now, passed through galliebarinda falls again, out to Curtis track, then faced a 45 min walk a slippery clay track uphill to my car. Exhausted and dark I drove out dodging kangaroos, wallaby and rabbits.
I only I read this thread prior to walking yesterday I could have followed your route.

lm said...

bet you had some butterflies after that close call Bobcat