Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 'Allambee Beek' Walk Report - Sunday 5/05/2013

Walkers: Jennifer Morrow (leader, standing in for an unwell Richard Gilbert), Carole Gowty, Chris Barr, Jenny Grice, Murray Kelson, Gary Higgins, Richard Morrow.
There was a problem at the start when two cars from Geelong did not arrive and there was no telephone reception so no communication. The group waited for twenty-five minutes before commencing the walk.  (Unable to locate the starting point, the Geelong walkers walked to Lake Elizabeth.)
A small group of seven walkers set off down Curtis Track. The track was well marked with no navigational problems to the lovely Allambee Beek Falls where morning tea was enjoyed, then on to Staircase Falls for lunch. In the dry conditions it was lovely to see water, even though the volume was well down. It was a lovely walk on a lovely day with a good group of enthusiastic walkers.

Jennifer Morrow.

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