Thursday, September 26, 2013

Falls behind Lorne,  
Sunday 4th August, 2013

Walkers:   Bernard Jordan ( Leader), Joan  McMahon, Viv Pascoe (GBC), Jack Antonas, Andrew Hackett (ORWTA), Chris Barr, Bev and Kevin Duffin, Jenny Grice, Murray Kelson (Camperdown).

 Despite the foul weather forecast , it was fine, briefly sunny(!), and then drizzle for the last hour. The rain beforehand ensued there was more water over the several falls than I had ever seen. We started from Allenvale Mill Site and walked  alongside the swollen Saint George River, then up to Phantom falls in full splendour. Then to the Canyon, always a treat for first timers, to Henderson falls, via the old tramway tracks to Lower and Upper Kalimna Falls ,(the former falls where one can get behind the water), then along Garvey Track to the track towards Castle Rock. The drizzle now discouraged us from going to the lookout, so we went down (Going Down !) to Sheoak Falls and ended nearby.  An honest day’s walk in good company. 

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