Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Glasgow and South Chapple Falls

South Chapple Falls/Glasgow Falls Walk 

– Sunday 1 March 2015 – 1st day of Autumn

Leader :- Kim Attard.   Walkers :- Rosemary Vince, Linda Carter, Odette Sheills, Helen Cuell, Joan McMahon, Margaret Lennox, Sarah Coll, Alan Dow, Jenny Gna, Chris Barr, Louise Kemp, Andrew Hackett,  Les Roe, Tim Cobb, Marion Bakker, Sue Mackay, Tilly Brynton, Cody Mills, Gile Behn.

The heavy rain the night before was no deterrent for 20 eager walkers who travelled from all directions (and countries – our 2 American’s) to arrive at Lavers Hill for a 9.30 start. The weather was looking threatening, but when isn’t it in the Otway’s?
After a briefing from Kim, we set off for our first destination – South Chapple Falls. We walked along a dirt track and then down into the forest on a slightly overgrown track which received some housekeeping by the one and only Allan followed by 19 pairs of feet to finish off the job.  We had plenty of time to take in the magnificent rain forest in all its glory and the smells of the fresh rain within.
Right on cue as we arrived at the falls – the rain too arrived. This did not impede on the beautiful view.  From here we re-traced our steps back up to the road and headed down Morris track for around 6 kilometers.
A bridge was our marker to enter, once again, into the forest heading to Glasgow Falls. We were not far in when a very apparent obstacle was to stop us in our tracks. There sunning itself on a tree which lay across the track - was a 1mtr tiger snake.  The snake was not too happy to see us and we were not too happy to see it, so with a little encouragement from our fearless leader it went on its merry way.
The tree ferns we saw in this part of the forest were so tall – “as big as they ever grow “, we were told.

The final decent down to the falls required some handy work on a rope which had been very skillfully tied to a network of trees. We mostly arrived at the bottom unscathed with a bit of slipping and sliding on the way down. The Glasgow Falls are magnificent – such beautiful scenery - huge boulders, rocks, ferns, moss and of course - the water fall. STUNNING!!!
For the not so faint-hearted and with a lot of help from Alan (thank you Alan we do hope your knee is still operating after providing it to us as a step) - we were treated to a stunning view as we sat (balancing precariously) on a ledge IN BEHIND the waterfall.  
After enjoying our lunch in this very special setting, we made our way out of the forest the same way we came in – onto the Road and after quite a long drudge we stopped at the Lavers Hill Swimming Pool for an afternoon snack.  Many years ago -this pool was used by the Lavers Hill School as their only swimming pool. We were told “it was very cold” – surprise, surprise…
We arrived back at Lavers Hill at 4pm to say our goodbyes.
Linda Carter

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